Our vineyards

14 hectares divived in 25 small plots  …

Terre des Dames has preserved the same structure for over 200 years: small vineyards on different levels surrounded by ancient stone walls and wild garrigue.

Here, ofcourse we don’t use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers; the natural balance is perfect as it is.

Our oldest vineyard is a hunderd years old, others arond 50 – 70. Their profound rootsystem is worth gold in this hot climate, so we do all to preserve them. No harvest machines here! Young plantations are given the time to develop slowly. We never search to maximise yields.

Certified organc since 2009.


The harvest

All our grapes are picked by hand and sorted on a sorting table.

Only by seeing them one by one, by tasting them even, you know which grapes deserve to enter into our cellar.

You need a perfectly clean product to keep vinification as natural as possible.

The Winemaking

After sixteen years of winemaking, I’ve learned to restrain myself .

It’s beautiful and sportive to do pump-overs by hand. However, I’m more and more inclined to a soft and natural way of working.  I’ve learned when it’s time to let the wine be, when a small pump-over is enough, when its’ time for a ‘délestage’.

Since we start with a perfectly clean product, we can permit ourselves a long period of skin-contact, going up, sometimes, to four weeks – time enough to softly extract both taste of coulour ..

We vinifie in concrete tanks – for aging, we privilige big volume barrels (500 or 600 litres) of the finest quality French oak – adding just an additional complexity without any dominance of wood.

Terre des Dames wines are pure, ready to drink now, but perfect for aging.

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