The vineyards

We think that 80% of the quality of a wine is determined in the vineyards. That’s why we cherish our old vines with their profound root-system, attaining deep-down water and minerals even in the hottest season. Our oldest vineyard, the Allicante henri Bouchet, is one hundred years old, the old Carignans and several Grenaches about seventy.
Next to that, we planted vineyards ourself, adding especially Mouvèdre and expanding our white Grenache. (aanklikbaar fiche encepagement).

To keep the taste of each grape as concentrated as it can be, we keep our yields low (35 HL/HA) by rigorous pruning, ebourgenage, and vendange en vert where necessary. Consent of the natural balance in the vineyards we never used any pesticides – thereby preserving the microscopical useful spiders living in the trees around the plots. On their own, they can very well take care of harmful insects. Besides, we never used any chemical fertilizer or chemical treatments agains illnesses. As a result, biodiversity in the vineyards is optimal – going organic was a logical next step. Since 2009, Terre des Dames is controlled by Ecocert – the millésimes up from 2012 are classified AB.

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