Two Lives

‘When I arrived here in 2002, I was impressed, overwhelmed almost, to suddenly have the responsability for all this land.
By now, I know each plot has it’s own personality, its own strengths and weaknesses..
To me, this has become the most attaching place on the earth ..’

In my first life, I made career in advertising in Amsterdam. At thirty, I was head of the strategy department, and the choice was there: keep on doing the same thing for thirty more years – imposing people to buy things they don’t need – or start a whole new life ?

With my ex-husband, we chose for the last. After visits to Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Northern Rhône, we heard about the Languedoc, the ‘new world of wine in France’  where all was still possible. The choice was made.

Three ‘Dames’

I have three daughters – and so did the owner before us. According to the old men in the village, even in the thirties 3 beautiful girls already lived on the domain. Hence the name !

Marijn, Fiene and Lara where 6 years, 4 years and eight month old when we moved here. To them, this is the place where they have grown op, the ‘terroir’ to which they are attached for ever. Now, they all study in the city- but they always make time for harvest or vinification.

We will see what future brings, but in their heads it’s clear: one day, the three sisters will run Terre des Dames together …

And now ..

With seventeen years of experience Terre des Dames is now a stable, successful winery, that I run with the assistance of my perfectionistic French employee Jean-François, his wife Géraldine and a loyal team of season-workers.

I am remarried to French interventional radiologist Oliver, who does not work on the winery – but who certainly loves wine !

Pictures below: our Home, Lara planting Grenache and Jean-François and Géraldine.

© Copyright - Lidewij van Wilgen